Finite Element Analysis (#FEA)


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Finite Element Analysis, #FEA, is an extremely powerful computational method designed for solving real world engineering problems.


PREDICT PART AND Assembly PERFORMANCE BEFORE committing to costly prototypes


At Form Lab we leverage our broad experience acquired across a range of scientific & engineering sectors with specialist software platforms based on the finite element method #FEM, to provide practical insights at all stages of the design & development phases. We pride ourselves on providing an impartial fact based analysis to help our customer’s develop more robust solutions, more cost effectively, and reduce development timescales in the process.


We do this by offering the following services;


Structural Analysis;

  • Linear static stress / strain

  • Non-linear quasi static (contact/material/time)

  • Dynamic stress / strain (modal, shock, random vibration, sine sweep / harmonic)

  • Drop test

  • Fatigue


Thermal Analysis;

  • Linear steady state

  • Non-linear steady state

  • Transient


REDUCE YOUR DEVELOPMENT iteration CYCLEs, optimise MATERIAL usage and boost your competiveness


Armed with this knowledge we can confidently scan thousands of design optimisations to ensure maximum performance with minimum material / cost, even before testing your first prototype.


Want to know more about FEA and the endless possibilities to streamline your design process? Check out our blog post on this game changing technology.

Interested in seeing how we can predict or optimise the performance of your design, get in touch we'd love to know more.